Established in 2005, Scope showcases the work undertaken by the students in the MIT Graduate Program in Science Writing over the course of their year-long studies. First brought out as a quarterly newsletter, Scope transferred to the web in 2008. The content in Scope, continually updated, displays the wide range of writing assignments within the program, from news articles and features to essays, book reviews, radio podcasts, and videocasts.

Managing Editor: Marcia Bartusiak
Editorial Board: Thomas Levenson, Alan Lightman, Seth Mnookin and Tim deChant
Web Administrator: Shannon Larkin
Correspondents 2016-17: Greta Friar, Giorgia Guglielmi, Robin Kazmier, Raleigh McElvery, Brandon Levy, Bennett McIntosh, Kate Telma, Maria Temming.

Bringing Scope to the web was partially funded by a generous grant from the American Institute of Physics, as part of its Andrew W. Gemant Award presented to Marcia Bartusiak in 2006.